Made on premise in Chicago, IL USA

Precious Metals

Platinum Metal
Platinum 950 Ruthenium
Platinum 950 Copper
Platinum 900 Iridium
Platinum 900 Strong
Yellow Gold Alloys
Yellow Gold Nuggets
10K Yellow
14K Yellow
18K Yellow Standard
18K Yellow-Yellow
22k Yellow
White Gold Alloys
White Gold Nuggets
14K White Standard
14K White X-1 (rhodium optional)*
14K White with Palladium*
18K White Standard
18K White X-1 (rhodium optional)*
18K White with Palladium
Other Gold Alloys
Gold Nuggets
14K Rose
14K Soviet Red*
14K Green
18K Green

925 Silver (de-ox)
Silver Platinum 3.5%*
*additional casting parameters or conditions for these alloys

Gold and Platinum castings are made with eco-friendly reclaimed precious metals.