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Diamond Studs & Cuts

Diamond Cut Examples
We specialize in Ideal Cut Diamonds. Ideal Cut refers to specific measurements and proportion standards that set to bring out the brilliance of the diamond.
Close up carats
Price is often given in price per carat. The carat is the weight of the stone. When a stone is well made, it should meet certain measurement standards. Be careful! Poorly cut stones are often smaller than one would expect for any given carat weight.

The base price for any given stone begins with its size. From there, the price varies on Color and Clarity. As the carat weight increases, so does the base price of your stone.
Diamond color examples
How white is the diamond? That is essential question of color. On the high end is white, on the other is yellow. To the untrained eye and general public, notice color and carat size first when viewing a diamond. As the color of your stone gets whiter the price increases as well.
Clarity example
How clear is the stone? Upon any sort of close viewing, poor clarity will be very apparent. The term "eye-clean" is often used to describe a stone whose imperfections are not obvious to the naked eye. Internal imperfections are called inclusions. The better the clarity, the easier the light reflects, and the more the diamond sparkles. As the clarity of your stone get clearer, the price increases as well.

Client Valuables Handling Policy

Buy A Stone has a thorough handling procedure to ensure that we receive and accept all client valuables such as diamonds, gemstones, jewelry, etc. We will then examine and inspect your items under magnification and record all findings.

Diamonds and gemstones are reviewed with a high level of scrutiny, seeking inclusions or defects that may threaten the integrity of the stone(s) during setting. After review, we will share these findings and you will have the opportunity to decide whether you'd like to proceed with setting. Consent and waiver forms under rare circumstances may be provided to complete this job.

To request a diamond quote, please email us at with specifics of your job. We will provide you with a quote within 24 business hours.